What I offer

My name is Carly Sandland, and I became a birth practitioner five years ago after my son was born. Pregnancy and birth had a profound effect on me, and I knew that I wanted to support other mothers and their birth partners on their journey into parenthood.

My classes combine all of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained as a pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing, active birth, and antenatal teacher, as well as working as a doula. If you attend my classes, I work with you as a doula, or if you buy a combined package, I will ensure you are emotionally and physically prepared for your birth.

So many antenatal courses teach you the process of birth but no practical skills of how to manage it on the day. My classes will show you both, giving you the best positions for labour and birth as well as natural coping strategies for you and your partner.

Unlike other hypnobirthing courses, I prepare you for all eventualities and cover what to do if the birth takes a slightly different path.

From my work as a doula, I understand how important the role of the birth partner is, and I nurture that throughout my classes.

I teach my course over two days on consecutive weekends, so you have time to process it and aren’t overwhelmed or exhausted by doing it all in one go.

Pregnancy yoga

My pregnancy yoga classes are a fantastic way to get in touch with your body and breath and to prepare you for the antenatal period, birth and the immense transition into motherhood. It is a way to keep relaxed and calm, encouraging bonding time with your unborn baby. It helps you to understand your body and the changes within, keeping you healthy, active and ready for birth.


I offer a complete in-depth antenatal course designed to release fear and build confidence during birth. My classes will give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people, to understand what is happening to your body during pregnancy and childbirth, to practise active birth positions, and to learn breathing and relaxation exercises for labour and birth. It will leave you and your partner empowered and ready for the big day.


I am able to offer physical and emotional support, before, during and after the incredible journey of birth. I understand the complex needs of a woman and her partner during childbirth and encompass the non-medical aspects of care during labour whether you birth at home or in a hospital.