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As a doula I aim to support your family and help you have a positive experience of pregnancy, birth and the early weeks of parenthood

My role is to offer sensitivity, reassurance, comfort and gentle encouragement. I am not there to make decisions for you, but to support you in your choices by providing you balanced information when needed. I know first-hand how unpredictable birth can be and am there to help you whatever the outcome.

I have supported many couples throughout their births. Working in both Haringey and Hackney means I have a good knowledge of local hospitals and their practices. I have attended births at Barnet, Homerton, North Middlesex, Whittington and UCLH, as well as home births.

Birth doula

During pregnancy, I will meet with you and your birth partner so we can get to know each other, find out your hopes and wishes for your labour and help you transfer that to a birth plan. I will debrief any previous birth experiences with you and talk through any emotional blockages that may affect your labour. I also spend time practising labour and birth positions with you in your home.

As well as providing emotional and physical support during your labour, I also aim to maintain a peaceful, relaxed, environment and to ensure your birth preferences are met. Most importantly, I remain calm if things don’t go to plan and support both you and your partner throughout the whole process.

I never take over a partner’s role but, instead, complement it. In my experience, partners welcome the extra support and feel more relaxed and confident after watching me with their loved ones.

I also visit you once post-birth to debrief with you and to provide breastfeeding support if it is needed.

Postnatal doula

The phrase, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is so true and yet lots of people don’t have access to a ‘village’ of their own nowadays. In an ideal situation, your extended family would be on hand to provide continuous support in the early days of parenting but this isn’t always a possibility.

Parents often have no experience of newborn babies until they are holding their own and this can feel incredibly daunting without proper support. As a postnatal doula I help and guide parents and baby through the early days as a new family. I come to your house as soon as you want me after the birth and can be available during both the day and evenings.

The support I offer includes:

  • Help with feeding, whichever methods you’re using
  • Guidance on sleep and calming your baby
  • Looking after your baby while you sleep, have a bath or just go to the toilet on your own!
  • Making food for you all or generally helping around the house
  • Looking after older children

I will do whatever you need to allow you to have quality time getting to know your new baby. Ultimately, I want to boost your confidence and make life less stressful as you transition into being a mother, father and new family.

Why would I have a doula?

Recent studies have shown the incredible benefits of having a doula. These include:
· fewer c-sections
· fewer interventions including usage of forceps and ventouse
· fewer requests for epidurals and other drugs
· shorter labours
· more successful breastfeeding, for longer
· much more positive attitude to the birthing experience
· higher self-esteem and less anxiety postpartum

For more information on doula support please go to the contact page