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I have supported many couples throughout their birth. Working in both Haringey and Hackney means I have a good knowledge of local hospitals and their practices. I have attended births at UCLH, Whittington, Homerton, North Middlesex and Barnet, as well as home births.

My role as a doula is to offer sensitivity, reassurance, comfort and gentle encouragement. I am not there to make decisions for you, but to support you in your choices by providing you balanced information when needed. I know first-hand how unpredictable birth can be and are there to help you whatever the outcome.

During pregnancy I will meet with you to get to know each other, to find out your hopes and wishes for your labour and to help you transfer that to a birth plan. I will debrief any previous birth experiences with you and talk through any emotional blockages that may affect your labour. I also spend time practising labour and birth positions in your home.

As well as providing emotional and physical support during your labour, I also aim to maintain a calm, relaxed, environment and to ensure your birth preferences are met. Most importantly, I remain calm if things don’t go to plan and support both mum and her partner throughout the whole process.

I never take over the partner’s role but complement it. In my experience, partners have welcomed the extra support and feel more relaxed and confident after watching me support their partner.

I also visit you once post-birth to debrief with you and to provide breastfeeding support if it is needed.

Why would I have a doula?

Recent studies have shown the incredible benefits of having a doula. These include:
· fewer c-sections,
· fewer interventions including usage of forceps and ventouse
· fewer requests for epidurals and other drugs
· shorter labours
· more successful breastfeeding, for longer
· much more positive attitude to the birthing experience
· higher self-esteem and less anxiety postpartum

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