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I have taken the best bits of all of my training and offer a course which gives you complete and empowering birth preparation.

What makes my course different?
So many antenatal courses teach you the process of birth, but not any practical skills of how to manage it on the day. My class will show you both, giving you the best active birth positions for labour and childbirth as well as natural coping strategies for you and your partner.

Some hypnobirthing methods are very outdated and have often left women feeling like a failure if they don’t have ‘the perfect birth’. Birth, like life, is unpredictable and I always cover what to do if labour and birth take a slightly different path to what you had imagined.

Being a doula means I can appreciate the vital role of a birth partner. After attending my course, the partner will come away with a thorough understanding of what their part will be and how they can support their partner on the big day.

If you have questions or need advice after the course I will be happy to support, you until the birth.

What will you learn?
CLASS ONE, 10am-4pm (including 1 hour for lunch)

• Introduction to hypnobirthing, learning to work with your body and your mind.
• Understanding the vital role of hormones during labour and birth
• The physiology and mechanics of birth, understanding the birthing body.
• How to manage early labour,
• Relaxation visualisations for calmness.
• Breathing techniques for birth.
• The power of positive thought and affirmations and how to release fear and build confidence
• Active birth positions for optimal fetal positioning
• Birth DVD
• Lots of time for tea and chat.

CLASS TWO, 10am-4pm (including 1 hour for lunch)

• Optimising your birth environment to support your birth hormones – Home, Birth Centre or Hospital.
• How to manage during strong labour.
• Further active birth positions
• The role of the birth partner on the day.
• What if’s – using hypnobirthing to handle the unexpected.
• Induction, intervention and C-sections
• Writing your birth plan.
• Relaxation and massage
• Group hypnosis practice for confidence and power
• Birth DVD
• A simple practice regime to support you at home
• Early hours and days of parenting
• Tea, snacks and chat

Frequently asked questions
Q: Will I be hypnotised?
A: NO. Stage hypnotism is as far removed from what you will experience as you could imagine. To put things into perspective, we are all in a state of hypnosis at least twice a day – on waking and just before falling asleep.

Q: Will hypnobirthing guarantee me a pain-free birth?
A: Some women experience a pain-free birth, but pain-free is never guaranteed firstly because everyone’s idea of pain and their pain thresholds vary extremely widely. Using hypnobirthing techniques will, in most cases, change your perception of pain.

Q: What structure does the course take?
A: I run the course over one day on two consecutive weekends. I have found this to be the most popular format and one that works for most people. Pregnant women often find an evening tiring after a long day at work. Running it on consecutive weekends means not having to give up a whole weekend and having a break in between means more time for it all to sink in.

Q: When should I start the course?
A: Most people start it between 28-36 weeks pregnant, but it is never too late.

Q: What Course Materials Am I Given?
A: The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves and the course relaxation CD, Colour & Calmness. These will be sent you when you reserve a place on a course so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of hypnobirthing straight away. A folder of handouts to guide your practice at home

Q: Can I come on my own?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Can I use Hypnobirthing techniques if have an instrumental delivery or a C-Section?
A: Yes. This will be one of the settings that Hypnobirthing would be even more necessary for you to use. Hypnobirthing can help you stay calm, relaxed, feel informed and confident in making decisions so that you can own your birth and have a great positive birth in even the most medicalised of settings.

Q: How many couples are there in a group?
A: The size of the groups vary, but are kept small enough to be personal, and large enough to make friends.

£295 per couple

As well as group classes in Haringey, I also offer private classes in the comfort of your home across London.

For more information on group or private hypnobirthing classes or to book, please go to the contact page