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“It felt like Carly and my husband were my teammates during birth. Carly facilitated my husband to be fully there for me and relieved some of the anxieties that might have made it harder for him”

Fran & Ben

Carly is amazing! Her yoga classes are friendly and informative. Carly is very knowledgeable and is happy to share her knowledge whilst recognising that there are as many birth experiences as there are mothers. Her pregnancy yoga classes are a great preparation for birth physically but also give you an opportunity to connect with your unborn baby, provide a valuable hour of “you time” and meet other mums-to-be”


“I was able to be nice and active for much of the first stage of labour, and the moves and ideas from your yoga classes really helped – thank you!”


“Thank you for your lessons and advice. It helped a million when I needed it”


Carly taught me so much throughout pregnancy yoga. The golden thread breath was very helpful as well as some of the gentle exercises that I managed to do at home. I managed to stay calm and focused for the most part of my labour, which I think is thanks to you”


Carly helped build my confidence on an emotional level, to put my first experience of breastfeeding behind me, and to see that breastfeeding could be easy and an enjoyable experience for both me and my baby”


Carly’s pregnancy yoga classes were something i looked forward to every week and were great for preparing for birth both physically and mentally.
As well as lots of movements that helped to relax the body and that would be useful during labour, she also gave lots of helpful advice during the classes.
A really positive person to know during pregnancy!”


“Thanks for everything over the last few months, the yoga classes have been amazing and really helped me to feel ready to face the birth”


Carly was both my pre and post natal yoga instructor, and I feel blessed to have had her on my journey as a first time mum.
Her knowledge and experience shines through in each session and her ability to instil a sense of calm is second to none. The breathing and visualisation techniques I learnt with her helped me immensely during my labour and even now in day to day life. I’ll forever be grateful to Carly for teaching me these skills, she truly is invaluable”


“The perfect homebirth I hoped for ended in a c-section and I couldn’t have got through it without Carly’s support

Davina & Jonathan

I was a huge fan of Carly’s pregnancy yoga class! It complimented the reading I was doing around hypnobirthing, learning breathing techniques and active labour positions, which I was able to practice in my own time. In addition, her support and advice when I was having problems with PGP was super valuable – she adapted the class for me every week to accommodate my painful pelvis! I was able to apply all the skills I learned when in labour and had a very positive birth experience! Thank you Carly!


Carly supported my partner and me through my extremely long and difficult labour. She remained warm, calm, thoughtful and attentive throughout”

Jess & Ollie