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My yoga classes follow the principle that breathing is the key to birth. Throughout my sessions, I encourage women to become familiar with the natural rhythm of their breath, a necessity for more manageable childbirth.
I keep the classes small, so I can give each expectant mother the attention she deserves, and I include time at the end for a chat. I find the women who attend use this valuable time to talk through how their week has been and any pregnancy highs or lows they might be experiencing. Women find it incredibly useful to share experiences, exchange coping strategies and to start thinking about their different options around birth. Many of the mothers form strong bonds and lasting friendships from this weekly meet up.
My classes are designed for all, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or have never done it before, and benefit every type of birth. The yoga classes are not exclusive to those doing my hypnobirthing classes, but they do complement each other very well.

Pregnancy Yoga
Saturday’s, 9.30am-11am, Blighty India Café, High Rd, N15 4AJ, £10
Tuesday’s, 6 pm, Bind15, Vicarage Parade N15 3BL, £10

Pregnancy yoga is a fantastic way to engage with your pregnant body. It can calm the mind; help to remove fear about birth and it permits you to leave behind the stresses of busy city life to focus on you and your baby.
The classes are a mixture of breath work, calming sequences to help soften and open and more energising postures to help strengthen the body. Throughout my sessions, women learn to connect their breath to their body, which is not only relaxing but prepares for effective breathing during labour. All of which, enables a woman to trust in her body’s power and innate ability to give birth.

Couples Yoga for Birth
Now booking for October 28th 2018,
10-12.30pm, Rutland Gardens, N4,
£70 per couple.
Combining pregnancy yoga and practical birth preparation, the workshop is a chance for you and your partner to work together as you will during your child’s birth. It’s open to both first-time parents or as a refresher. You will learn relaxation and massage techniques as well as the best movements and positions for labour and birth. With an emphasis on breath practice, partners will learn how to support you both physically and emotionally. The class will teach you natural coping strategies and give you an understanding of both the birthing body and the importance of hormones. Partners do not need to have any prior yoga experience.

Private Yoga Sessions
I also offer a 1-2-1 option for both pregnancy yoga and couples yoga for birth. A private session has the same intention and practices as a pregnancy yoga class (see above). The advantages are that it can be tailored specifically to your needs and can fit around your schedule. The couples course works well in the home as it is good to have practised different positions in the place where you will spend the early part of your labour.

For more information on yoga classes or to book, please go to the contact page